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Building on a recipe for success, emerging Asian economies now have an event that gives you the best opportunity to engage with the microfinance industry.  

Microfinance Success Asia 2019 will provide you with an unrivalled opportunity to generate new business leads and get invaluable face to face marketing opportunities in this dynamic growing market.  Meet new and existing customers who are looking for new service providers, evaluate new offerings or looking to assess the progress of existing projects. Contact us now to find out how our platform can empower your brand to the the people that matters most to your business.  

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Key Benefits of Sponsoring & Exhibiting


Microfinance Success Asia 2019 will gather decision makers presenting you with the best opportunity to network with peers, analyse new opportunities and formulate strategies for your business.

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 In app visibility with banner ads, splash screens, profiles, direct links, documents download, push notifications and gamification opportunities. Increased brand visibility and recall pre and post event through our dedicated event app.  

Educate Your Target Market

Microfinance Success Asia 2019 will provide you with an opportunity to participate in the conference discussing pressing issues affecting the sector. As a Sponsor, you may be selected to be part of the very limited speaker faculty for service providers. Increase your thought leadership and branding in front of your target market.

Lead Generation

Microfinance Success Asia 2019 will put you in front of the largest gathering of microfinance decision makers in emerging Asia offering an invaluable opportunity to generate new leads

Launch New Products

Microfinance Success Asia 2019 will provide the perfect platform to harvest customer feedback on a planned or recent launch


Providing you extensive pre and post branding opportunities, with the quality and number of visitors planned, Microfinance Success Asia will offer your organization an excellent opportunity to expose your brand to a new market

Microfinance Success Asia follows a recipe for success

1. We pull together the best brains available to form a compelling speaker faculty

We combine leading speakers in the industry, provide case studies of project implementations and experience sharing from experts. 

For the delegates attending its the perfect mix of inspiration, proven expertise and practical advice.

2. We make it absolutely comprehensive and relevant

Always focusing on content first, our events are content driven and our agenda programme are often vetted through by industry experts and relevant trade associations.

3. We compliment this by putting together a must see list of exhibitors serving the industry

Leading local and international service provider will gather in a vibrant exhibition floor.

4. To maximise attendance, we make the event free of charge

For qualified delegates, we offer complimentary tickets to ensure maximum attendance

5. Expert & Leading Speakers

For delegates attending for free, we offer them expert and leading speakers comparable or even better than any paid event. The reason is simple, rather than deliver less than 50 real decision makers to our event, we want to easily guarantee over 100 decision makers will attend, so we remove the most obvious impediment to them attending - the price objection.

6. Finally, we market the event

Promoted harder than any other industry event in the region, we strive to offer the best possible attendance by working with relevant associations and media. We deliver thousands of emails, we telemarket key buyers and we will utilise social media and online marketing. We bespoke our offerings to different segments of the target market. Its a combination that is proven and trusted over the years.

The Premier Microfinance Event in the region

The Microfinance Success Asia 2019 is the premier event in Asian Microfinance. It provides access to prominent international and regional players in the sector . Your sponsorship is an easy and affordable way to promote your program, publication, or institution to a targeted professional audience while supporting the continued development of the field of micofinance. We encourage you to contact us to explore the possibilities of becoming an event sponsor or exhibitor. 

The participants are largely decision-makers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors and finance experts. Many are active in multiple sectors, simultaneously holding roles in educational, corporate, non-profit and community settings who share a commitment to learning from and with one another. 

Join the conversation in Myanmar and help us strengthen our efforts as we provide you with the best platform to market your offerings to the people that matters most to your business.


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Partnership Rates (pdf)